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Anne Marie Project offers presentations to all schools, churches, community organizations as well as United Way Agencies. We also offer annual town hall forums on drinking, prescription drugs and current illegal drugs.

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Who is Anne Marie?

Anne Marie is a young lady who has struggled with life issues named above. She is striving to become a healthy young woman by surrounding herself with positive role models such as those who provide guidance and love through this website. Although she wishes to remain anonymous she does want others to know anything is possible with God and learning about the issues that come into your life can be a healing process that you do not have to go through alone!

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Finding Your Worth

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where happiness is found by climbing a ladder that goes nowhere. We’re constantly searching for it by trying to acquire more; more likes on Instagram, more friends, more love. And we think that if we can just reach that limit, we’ll finally be happy. I’m … Read More

The Question of Purity

In our culture, it is so difficult to remain pure. Sometimes, it feels like if you are a virgin, and you are trying to live your life in purity, you are alone—like one in a million. Have you felt this way before? Or, have you wondered why you should even bother with trying to be pure as it seems … Read More

This is safe haven for all young people seeking answers to questions about drugs, sex, alcohol, abuse, peer-pressure, faith and relationships. The site is enlightened by the Holy Spirit for the guidance of all youth who are developing their faith in God.