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Who Likes Homework? Not Me!

Author: Ryan Bax Homework's not the most fun thing in the world to do, am I right?  Most students throughout all levels of schooling would probably agree that it's more fun to do things you like such as playing video games, hanging with your friends, playing your favorite instrument or sport, … Read More

Overcoming Mia

Author: Abbey Ordway Once upon a time, there were two girls named Ana and Mia. They were friends, and did everything together. They were both very pretty. Long blonde hair, white teeth, skinny. So skinny. Sometimes, Ana and Mia went to other little girls’ houses for play-dates. Ana and Mia didn’t … Read More

Soul Searching on Life Lessons

Author: Maryssa Rehagen I've done some soul searching and came  up with a few conclusions for myself, for others and for life in general: 1. Life is too short to please others 2. Superficial is crazy-the best things you get out of life are totally free 3. No matter how perfect someone's life … Read More

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